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Project SQLRunner

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What is SQLRunner

The SQLRunner is a tool to work with databases and SQL.
It has various features to help a Java developer to develop SQL code and to integrate this code seamlessly in existing Java classes.

SQLRunner is licensed under the Lesser GNU License (LGPL).

Download the current version


  • Use JDBC (Java Database Connectivity minimum JDBC 1.0 spec is quite enough)
  • Shipped with a large number of preconfigured JDBC drivers
  • Works with host based database like Siemens SESAM
  • Keep all your connections (with passwords optional) for direct access in login dialog and give them clear names
  • Explore the data model for all connections (with databases, schemas, tables, views (including source code), stored procedures, indexes and constraints)
  • Count datasets of tables and memorize counts with time stamps
  • Compare schemas and create modeling statements to update the target schema
  • Import flat text files as well as Excel spreadsheets (xls, xlsx)
  • Use batches for high performance imports
  • Explain-Function (if database provide this feature, currently implemented for PostgreSQL and Oracle and NEW for Apache Derby Database and NEW for MySQL)
  • Gather source code for procedures and views (if database provide these features, currently implemented only PostgreSQL and Oracle)
  • Export a query without collecting all datasets within the memory
  • Import all tables from a schema
  • Export all tables from a schema
  • All imports and exports can run parallel in multiple instances
  • Run SQLRunner in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as a local installation or via Java Web Start technology
  • Generate code for Java/PHP from your tested statements and vice versa extract pure SQL from a larger selection of Java code containing the SQL as string
  • Run stored procedures with in/out parameters
  • Run prepared statements with in/out parameters
  • Use a large list of useful preconfigured SQL to administrate your database
  • Sort your retrieved datasets without repeating your select statement or create a select statement for this kind of sorted result set
  • Toggle the result table orientation to see all columns of all datasets in a single column (useful for large content in columns)
  • Use a comfortable full featured text editor for the field content
  • Syntax assistance using CTRL+Space key
  • Upload and download binary data in BLOB fields
  • Load and execute cascaded scripts (cascaded loading and executing using the start command)
  • Talend Function added: From Metadata model you can export a table as talend schema

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